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Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) staff provides independent technical and agronomic turf consultant services to government departments and councils, schools, sports bodies, clubs and associations, turf managers and producers, turf maintenance companies, architects, engineers, builders, landscapers and homeowners.


ASTC work with a diverse wide range of clients to ensure sports facilities are constructed to meet national standards or best practice depending on available budget and specification. ASTC works with each client to make sure their asset is well maintained, but most importantly safe for professional and/or amateur sport participation.


ASTC offers the following services to enhance sport development:

  • Elite and community sports facilities, racetracks, councils, schools etc. – auditing and benchmarking services , quality control audits, turf maintenance programs, turfgrass selection and installation advice;
  • National and representative sports bodies – audits and making sure the playing surface and or training facility is to standard;
  • Architects, engineers and construction companies – design, specifications, construction and tender documentation, quality control inspections, turfgrass selection and installation advice and performance assessment; and
  • Turf farms – quality control inspections and performance testing. This can be undertaken prior to and post installation to meet specifications/guidelines.
  • All – Australian Sports Turf Database

Recreational and open space

ASTC provide advice to councils, schools and organisations that maintain or manage parkland, open space or recreational facilities to ensure best management practices (BMPs) are maintained. ASTC provides professional advice on BMPs to improve turf quality and help resources. A turf maintenance plan can be tailored to make sure the natural turf areas are being maintained to an appropriate standard by staff. Councils, parklands and schools commonly use this service.


ASTC offers the following services to recreational and open space areas:

  • Trouble shooting advice
  • Turf specification writing
  • Turf selection and installation advice. This includes quality control checks prior to purchasing and or post installation
  • Irrigation distribution uniformity checks
  • Weed assessment audits for Councils to determine control levels being achieved by contractors
  • Turf maintenance programs.

Commercial Development

When developing commercial projects, landscaping including turf installation and turf maintenance is often critical to the project’s success. ASTC provides advice relating to turfgrass selection, installation and maintenance for large and small scale commercial projects. Architects and construction companies can benefit from services provided by ASTC staff prior to designing and installing turf or landscaped areas. Experienced ASTC staff can determine what species and variety of turf will meet the environmental, design and end user’s needs.

ASTC offers the following for commercial projects:

  • Design and specification writing
  • Turf selection and installation advice
  • Quality control during construction and prior to handover
  • Trouble shooting

Turf Production

Turfgrass can, or at least seem to be a significant outlay to the client, particularly when prices vary considerably between varieties and demand periods. New and improved turf varieties, for example, are predominantly protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights[MR1]  (PBR) and are often dearer to purchase than older or industry standards such as Wintergreen and Greenlees Park used on sporting fields. Although they are dearer because of the development involved in creating, developing, marketing and protecting such intellectual property, the initial outlay, is often recovered long-term because of the improved features of the grass e.g. reduced mowing, wear tolerance and recovery.

So as a client, when purchasing turfgrass you want to know what you are buying and if you are buying a protected variety, you want to be certain you are paying top dollar for the turf variety you have specified. This may include turf inspections, Turf Certification and Genetic Assurance. Read more…

ASTC is also the independent third-party auditor for Turf Queensland’s Turf Accreditation Process (TAP). ASTC’s role is to make sure the QLD accredited producers are compliant with TAP regulations ensuring the natural resources are managed responsibly while producing a quality product. TAP aims to provide the consumer with instant recognition of a quality turf supplier that is capable of meeting recognised standards of product to the end user.


ASTC staff specialise in the identification, development and provision of advice concerning warm-season turfgrasses.

Sports facilities, councils, turf breeders and production companies utilise the services of ASTC to manage quality at the turf farm, during installation and consolidation.

Recent quality control and inspection work has been undertaken for:

  • Eagle Farm Racecourse redevelopment
  • Townsville Racecourse redevelopment
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games - Carrara Sports Precinct
  • Local councils.


A 2011 national survey by Turf Australia of residential real estate agents reported that having a ‘nice lawn’ to compliment your family home adds an average of $75,668 to the value of your Great Australian Dream – home ownership. Given that your lawn could be in situ for 10-20 years it is important to choose the best turf variety to meet your environmental and functional requirements.

Independent professional advice on selection before installation of your lawn or landscape is essential. After all, installing new turf around your home following construction can be a costly exercise. You want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for and you can enjoy the benefits your lawn has to offer for years to come (e.g. aesthetic, recreational usage, reduction in solar heat and soil erosion control).


ASTC has been called upon by homeowners not happy with the quality of Premium turfgrass supplied or the installation service provided, often by unprofessional installers. ASTC can independently assess your lawn and prepare a detailed report to assist with resolving the matter.