Australian Sports Turf Database

Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) has introduced the Australia Sports Turf Database for Councils, sporting organisations and turf managers. The purpose of the database and field management system is to accurately capture and coordinate the collection of data in the field. Available forms can be tailored to capture data to suit any field e.g. horse racing - track performance; councils - field identification and asset management; sports organisations and venues- turf performance and player safety; turf contractors - assessment and ratings of chemical control programs being implemented etc.

The database comprises of data that is collected in the field by a trained user using Tablet technology following a comprehensive review of the facility or location in question. The data is transferred electronically to the secure database forĀ  review, mapping and data management. The information collected in real time can be viewed immediately by superiors or organisations wanting immediate feedback.

For further information please download our information sheet on the Australian Sports Turf Database (PDF, 4MB).

Field tablet with GIS connectivity
Field tablet with GIS connectivity