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Turf Research

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Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) provide independent turf research with a focus on warm-season turf grasses to meet the needs of the turf industry and end user within Australia and overseas.

Confidential Studies

ASTC staff can undertake a diverse range of turf related scientific studies to suit your needs.

Plant Breeder’s Rights Trials

ASTC has Qualified Person (QP) staff to conduct your Australian Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) trial. Read more…

Turf Variety Trials

ASTC staff can conduct warm- and cool-season turf variety trials for Australian and international clients.

Pesticide Testing

ASTC are able to undertake phytotoxicity and efficacy trials on warm- and cool-season turfgrasses and weed species.

Current Research Projects

On 16 September 2020 ASTC planted a new Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) trial to evaluate and seek Intellectual Property protection of the Cynodon hybrid variety Tahmoa 31 (OKC 1131) in Australia.

Tahoma 31 is an American warm-season turfgrass variety developed by Oklahoma State University. Tahoma 31 is marketed and sold in Australia by Greenspace Turf Co-operative Limited. For further information on PBR trials, visit our research page.

ASTC has been engaged by Barenbrug Australia Pty Ltd to conduct an independent research study to evaluate the shade tolerance of a series of new and improved turfgrass varieties for possible use within the Australian macadamia industry.

The study follows a series of workshops organised by the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) where ASTC Director Matt Roche spoke about the possibilities of using new and improved turfgrass varieties within the orchard and how the orchard floor can be better maintained prior to harvest.

The research study will commence in November 2020. More information to follow.

ASTC has been engaged by Cricket Australia to conduct a comparative field study at Alan Border Field in Brisbane, QLD to compare the wear tolerance and recovery, among other performance characteristics, of a newly installed SIS Grass hybrid wicket verses a natural turf wicket.

ASTC has been appointed as Principal Turf Consultant by New Frontier Brands Pty Ltd to lead and implement an international Research and Development and Quality Control program for their (Stenotaphrum secundatum (buffalograss / St Augustinegrass) turfgrass Yates New Frontier in Australia and brand overseas. New Frontier is protected in Australia and the United States of America as ‘TBLL’.

ASTC has a Research Agreement with The University of Queensland’s (UQ) main commercialisation company UniQuest to deliver a reputable DNA testing service for the wider Australian turfgrass industry. The venture makes available DNA testing of turfgrasses through ASTC to: identify genetic variation of turfgrasses; help turf managers or venue hirers verify contamination (e.g. morphological-agronomic variation) present within their sports turf surface; and play a role within the turf certification programs here in Australia. This includes the testing of DNA certified turf, including Lawns Solutions Australia’s (LSA) ‘Sir Walter DNA Certified‘.