Completed Plant Breeder’s Rights Testing

The following table contains a list of warm-season turf varieties and other ornamental plant species ASTC's Qualified Person has trialed and successfully registered for Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) in Australia since 2002. A Qualified Person is an expert in a particular plant group, accredited by the Plant Breeder's Rights Office at IP Australia to certify applications for Plant Breeder's Rights in Australia. Qualified Person's can carry out all the necessary procedures to help breeder's or organisations to provide evidence that their candidate (new) variety is distinct, uniform and stable (DUS) from known or commercial varieties. Please contact us today to find out more.

 Genus and Species  Variety Name  Total

 Chloris gayana

(Rhodes grass)

 KP4. 1

 Cynodon dactylon

(green couch)

 Hatfield, Grand Prix, JT1 (Hardy Turf), TL1 (Mountain Green™), Gully Gold, Winter Gem, Oz-E-Green (OZ TUFF®), UQ-490, UQ-539 (Sciencia™) and UQ-545.  10
 C. dactylon x C.  transvaalensis (Cynodon hybrid)  AGRD (AgRiDark), P18 (MiniVerde™), TifSport, MS-Supreme and TL2 (Novotek™).  5

Leucaena pallida x Leucaena leucocephala ssp.


 BL-12. 1

Paspalum vaginatum

(seashore paspalum)

 SDX-1 (SeaDwarf™), SI98 (Sea Isle Supreme™), SeaIsle 1, Sea Isle 2000 and TFWA02 (Velvetene™).  5

Sporobolus virginicus

(marine couch)

 QLD-Coast  1

Stenotaphrum secundatum


  TF01 (Jabiru™), Sir James and TBLL (New Frontier®)  3

Zoysia japonica

(Zoysia grass)

 Palisades, BA-189 (UltimateFlora Zoysia®)  2
Zoysia japonica x Z. tenuifolia
(Zoysia grass)
 BA-305 (PristineFlora Zoysia®)  1

Zoysia matrella

(Zoysia grass)

 A-1 (Shadetuff®).  1

Updated 29 September 2016