Auditing & Performance

ASTC provides independent sports field auditing of natural turf facilities, including elite and community sports fields, schools, golf courses, racetracks and bowling greens. 


Achieving improved accessibility, safety and quality sporting surfaces requires a clear understanding of the factors affecting the performance of the surface. Factors include venue usage, design, construction and maintenance. To quantitatively define and measure these factors and assess any limitations present, it is essential that an independent sports facility audit be undertaken.

Councils, schools, community and elite sports facilities who have engaged ASTC to conduct sports field auditing have in turn requested repeat testing, otherwise known as benchmarking.

Sports facility benchmarking enables the client to track how their facility is performing based on earlier data, seek additional turf maintenance advice, maintain their asset and show a duty of care to the end user. Testing for Councils also helps them prioritise which of their fields should receive an allocation of their annual budget to conduct routine, minor or major works to improve turf quality and/or field safety.

ASTC can also undertake an independent review of sports field usage data and provide information that will assist Councils, clubs, schools etc. to make sure they are not over using their asset(s).

Auditing Services

Specialist sports field auditing and/or benchmarking services may include, but not limited to following the following tests using a range of performance testing tools:

A detailed report on observations made and recommendations to improve turf quality, maintain field safety and to help maximise resources is provided.

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Recent auditing and performance projects

Auditing & Performance -

Somerset College

Since 2018, ASTC has been undertaking sports field auditing (benchmarking) across Somerset College's sporting fields. This was following ASTC's involvement in the redevelopment of both sports fields in 2017 and 2018.
Auditing & Performance -

Suncorp Stadium

ASTC Director Matt Roche has been involved in sports field auditing and benchmarking at Suncorp Stadium, on regular frequencies, since 2002. ASTC is involved in independent performance and analytical testing for Suncorp Stadium, which is a Stadiums Queensland venue.