Turf Production

ASTC can assist you with selecting, inspecting and certifying turf for your project. ASTC also works closely with Australian turfgrass producers to help them provide premium turf to their clients.

Get the right advice when selecting your turf

Turfgrass can, or at least seem to be a significant outlay to the client, particularly when prices vary considerably between varieties and demand periods. New and improved turf varieties, for example, are predominantly protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) and are often dearer to purchase than older or industry standards such as Wintergreen and Greenlees Park used on sporting fields. 

Although they are dearer because of the development involved in creating, developing, marketing and protecting such intellectual property, the initial outlay, is often recovered long-term because of the improved features of the grass e.g. reduced mowing, wear tolerance and recovery. 

ASTC can assist with turf inspections and certification

Because of the high costs involved when purchasing turfgrass you want to have confidence in what you are buying, especially if the grass is protected by PBR. Issues can arise with farms having poor turf quality, the incidence of pests, diseases and or weeds or even contamination within the turfgrass being sold. To reduce the risk, the consumer can request independent turf inspections, Turf Certification and Genetic Assurance, all of which ASTC can assist with.

ASTC is also the independent third-party auditor for AusGAP and Turf Queensland’s Turf Accreditation Process (TAP). ASTC’s role is to undertake compliance checks to help accredited producers to provide quality turfgrass to the end user.

Turf Certification

ASTC provides independent inspections and reporting of turf farms, sports fields and commercial installations as part of Quality Control work for clients.