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29th Australian Turfgrass Conference

Former Research Scientist and now Director of Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC), Matt Roche will deliver project findings from a four year Horticulture Australia (HAL) funded study (TU08018) focusing on the traffic tolerance of warm-season turfgrasses for community sportsfields. The study which comprised multiple trial sites across Queensland investigated wear tolerance and recovery, and use of plant growth regulators to reduce mowing costs across varieties of green couch, blue couch and kikuyu. The findings will assist community sports clubs, schools and councils who rely on the performance, including safety, of natural turf surfaces with solid information on which to base future turf installation and turf management decisions. Further information on the TU08018 community wear study or the 29th Australian Turfgrass Conference can be seen by clicking on their irrespective hyperlinks.


Replicated (actual) wear studies were conducted at Redlands Touch Association, Cleveland QLD


A case study was setup at The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Brisbane QLD

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