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Brisbane Sustainability Agency Sports Field and Irrigation Auditing

Since November 2021 to recently, ASTC has conducted sports turf and irrigation audits across more than 30 of Brisbane City Council's sporting facilities as part of the Brisbane Sustainability Agency's (BSA) club enhancement program.

BSA Sports Field (Turf) & Irrigation Audits

Brisbane Sustainability Agency (BSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council (BCC). The BSA administered a Resilient Clubs Support Program to help Council’s community sporting clubs to become more water and energy efficient to reduce operational costs, future-proofing their asset and Club.

ASTC were one Contractor who conducted sports field and irrigation auditing across Council’s sports fields within the Resilient Clubs Program. The findings provided to BSA and the Clubs were aimed to help them reduce operational costs, maximise their inputs and improve the quality and safety of their sports surface(s).