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Graceville Avenue Park Rugby

Graceville Avenue Park Rugby

ASTC collaborated with the Brisbane City Council on the redevelopment of Graceville Avenue Park Rugby, a significant project that commenced in August 2021. This project aimed to revitalise the park’s two existing rugby fields, creating a safe and enjoyable sporting environment for the local community.

ASTC’s involvement included various crucial aspects of the project. Prior to commencing the redevelopment, comprehensive pre-work activities were conducted, including soil testing and site investigations. ASTC’s team surveyed the existing features and developed design levels, considering specific cut and fill requirements to optimize the field’s layout and playing conditions.

In addition, ASTC conducted an extensive irrigation audit to assess the efficiency of the existing system. Rectification work to ensure optimal watering was identified. The field’s inclusion in the Contaminated Land Register (CLR) necessitated careful considerations, which ASTC integrated into the redevelopment plans.

Throughout the project, ASTC maintained a strong focus on quality control. Site inspections were conducted, with particular attention paid to Hold and Witness Points during the construction phase by Principal Contractor Twin View Turf. By adhering to these rigorous quality control measures, ASTC ensured that the project met the highest standards and complied with the specified requirements.

Through their collaboration with the Brisbane City Council and their comprehensive range of services, ASTC successfully contributed to the revitalisation of Graceville Avenue Park Rugby. The result is an upgraded sports field that provides a safe and enjoyable playing environment, benefiting the local community and promoting the growth of rugby in the area.

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