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QSAC Bermudagrass Trial

Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC) engaged ASTC to manage a comparative 12 month study on assessing different types of couches (bermudagrasses). The project was designed to help QSAC management choose a suitable grass for turf replacement of their Main Field in 2022.

Project Brief

For ASTC to provide independent monthly data collection and reporting to compare 7 different Cynodon spp. (green couch and hybrid) grasses (reportedly) suitable for sports turf.

ASTC assisted QSAC Ground Manager Matthew Oliver with turfgrass selection and procurement of the grasses for the trial which was established by QSAC Ground Staff in August 2020. Data collection commenced in November 2020 after some time was allowed for the grasses to settle and establish.

Funding to undertake the trial was provide by QSAC for the first 12 months. The trial extension into its second year has been jointly funded by the Sports Turf Association QLD (STA QLD) and Sports Turf Association NSW (STA NSW).

The trial area is being maintained by QSAC Ground Staff under their normal turf maintenance program.

Trial Results

Below is a summary of the most recent collated monthly data showing the performance of the seven (7) turfgrass varieties being studied within the replicated trial.

QSAC Bermudagrass Trial -
QSAC Ground Manager Matthew Oliver has also allowed us to upload and display his PowerPoint presentation which he presented at the 2021 Australian Turfgrass Conference on the Gold Coast. The presentation also includes graphs and data collected between November 2020 and May 2021. Click here or on the image below to open a PDF version of his presentation.


Funding By

This trial has been made possible by:

QSAC Bermudagrass Trial -