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Shaw Park Estate Rugby Field Redevelopment

Shaw Park Estate (Rugby)

The Brisbane City Council has partnered with ASTC for a flood recovery project at Shaw Estate Park in Wavell Heights. Since late 2022, this collaborative effort has been focused on the restoration of a rugby field that was affected by flooding.

ASTC’s scope of works includes irrigation auditing, soil sampling, and testing to create an optimal playing surface for the revitalised field. In addition, ASTC will provide the council with detailed technical drawings, specifications, and a comprehensive Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to guide the redevelopment process. Committed to ensuring quality, ASTC will also provide quality control services throughout the project, working closely with Council to develop the Norths Brisbane Rugby Union main pitch to a premier field in Brisbane.

Services provided by ASTC

Site investigation work:

Designs and/or specifications for:

During construction and consolidation: