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TAP Accreditation Process (TAP)

TAP is a voluntary process that allows turf enterprises to identify themselves as more sustainable and profitable farming enterprises, creating a distinct competitive advantage with potential customers through the supply of high quality natural turfgrass. TAP also demonstrates that turf production involves good stewardship of land and water. It emphasises the industry’s ability to manage natural resources responsibly while producing a quality product that protects the consumer. To make sure turf enterprises are compliant with TAP regulations, an independent third party audit is undertaken. This audit is conducted by specialist staff within ASTC who have extensive experience dealing with government agencies, standards and quality control. Currently there are 16 accredited turf producers out of approximately 150 registered turf producers across metropolitan and regional Queensland. TAP aims to provide the consumer with instant recognition of a quality turf supplier that is capable of meeting recognised standards of product to the end user.


The Turf Accreditation Process (TAP) logo should be sought after when selecting where to purchase you turf from;


Quality turfgrass being sold that meets Turf Queensland standards.