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Four new varieties published in Australia’s Plant Variety Journal

New varieties published in Australia’s Plant Breeder’s Rights PVJ

Today saw four new varieties that ASTC was the Qualified Person (QP) for published in Australia’s latest Plant Varieties Journal (PVJ). The journal which is produced by IP Australia contains technical information on recently trialled varieties for the purpose of Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) in Australia. ASTC was contracted by UniQuest and The University of Queensland (UQ) to provide QP services for the registration of 3 Cynodon dactylon (green couch) varieties and a single variety of Leucaena pallida x Leucaena leucocephala (Leucaena). The 3 green couch turfgrasses include ‘UQ-490’, ‘UQ-545’ and ‘UQ-539’; the latter of which is trade marked as Sciencia™. Sciencia™ was developed as part of an eight-year experimental research collaboration between UQ, (the now) Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Jimboomba Turf Group. Over 1000 samples of turf were sourced from across Australia by Dr Lambrides and Dr Loch. The samples came from a diversity of environmental conditions in geographically dispersed locations. Sciencia™ will soon be released commercially by Jimboomba Turf. The Leucaena variety ‘BL-12’ was developed after three 3 generations of random mating among Leucaena pallida x Leucana leucocephala hybrid trees with selection for psyllid resistance and branching habit during each cycle; elite trees were then selected for a backcrossing program. The Leucaena variety bred by Assoc. Prof Shelton ,Dr Dalzell and Dr Lambrides is owned by joint applicants UQ and Meat & Livestock Australia. To review technical and trial information concerning each variety view the current issue of the PVJ.