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Samford Stags Rugby League Football Club Field Extension

Alan Cash Park

The City of Moreton Bay (formerly Moreton Bay Regional Council) collaborated with ASTC for the enhancement of Alan Cash Park, the home ground of the Samford Stags Rugby League Football Club. The objective was to improve the facilities and field safety for the Club and its players.

ASTC’s scope of works included conducting a site investigation, assessing the existing conditions of the park. Drawing upon their expertise, ASTC provided technical specifications for the extension of Field 1, ensuring its alignment with rugby league standards. Additionally, ASTC focused on enhancing field safety, implementing measures to create a secure playing environment.

In 2022, ASTC was engaged by the City of Moreton Bay to provide independent quality control services. This involved conducting inspections and evaluations to verify compliance with the project’s specifications and hold points. By offering their expertise and signing off on relevant Hold Points, ASTC played a vital role in ensuring the project’s successful implementation.

Through their collaboration with Council, ASTC has contributed to the improvement of Alan Cash Park, providing a safer and enhanced playing environment for the Samford Stags Rugby League Football Club. This project reflects ASTC’s commitment to delivering high-quality sports facilities that benefit the local community.

Services provided by ASTC

Project management:

Site investigation work:

Designs and specifications for:

During construction and consolidation: