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Speaker’s Green Redevelopment

Queensland Parliamentary Service engaged ASTC to assess the Speaker's Green within Queensland's Parliament House and provide recommendations and technical specifications for its redevelopment.

Project Details

Parliamentarians often use the Parliamentary Speaker’s Green for ceremonial purposes and press conferences year-round. The high-profile turf surface is a focal point between the Queensland Parliament and Parliamentary Annexe within Brisbane’s CBD. The surface was also used by Tennis QLD in 2017 when they launched Parliamentary Friends of Tennis and played their first ever game of grass court tennis on the Speaker’s Green.

The Speaker’s Green grass species is predominantly blue couch (Digitaria didactyla) with some hybrid or green couch (Cynodon spp.) turf replacement following turf damage from events, disease or shade etc.

ASTC undertook an agronomic inspection to identify the limitations and then propose redevelopment plans to remove the existing surface, then install new irrigation and subsoil drainage, topsoil (sand blend) and turfgrass.

ASTC also provided Parliamentary Services with an annual turf maintenance plan to assist the gardeners/turf managers in maintaining a high-profile turf surface.


Site investigation:

Designs and/or specifications for:

During construction and consolidation (TBC):

Speaker's Green Redevelopment -
Parliamentary Friends of Tennis (Source: Queensland Tennis)