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Nudgee Recreation Reserve

Brisbane City Council (BCC) engaged ASTC to provide specialist soil and sports turf services for the design of the 9-hectare sports fields to be constructed at Nudgee.

Project Details

ASTC has been engaged by Brisbane City Council (BCC) to provide specialist agronomic services relating to all soils and turfgrass to be installed within the 9-hectare former landfill site at Nudgeee, north of Brisbane. The site will include multi-use sports fields for touch football (6 fields), cricket (2 cricket fields) and multi-use/soccer fields (2 fields).

Technical specifications were prepared by Australian Sports Turf Consultants relating to all landscape and sports turf imported soils to be used within the project, including General Planting Soil, Advanced Tree Soil, Sports Field Topsoil, Topsoil for General Turf and Imported Sports Turf Topsoil Blends.

Detailed subsoil drainage, general turfgrass and sports field specifications were also written for the construction and turf establishment period. This included various Hold and Witness Points for inspection by ASTC during the construction phase of the project.

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Designs and/or specifications for:

During construction and consolidation: