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Sports Field Flood Recovery

Flood Water Damage and Recovery

Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) has partnered with the Brisbane City Council in the restoration and redevelopment efforts post the 2022 Brisbane floods. ASTC played a crucial role in the recovery projects, offering expertise from planning to execution.

In collaboration with the Council, ASTC contributed to restoring local community sporting facilities, aiming not only to bring them back to their original state but also to surpass previous standards. The company was involved in various aspects of the flood recovery works, from planning and design to project execution, including technical drawings and adherence to specifications, ensuring high-quality standards.

Working closely with Council, contractors, and the local community, ASTC aims to create lasting positive impacts on individuals and communities through these projects. The company’s involvement covers diverse projects, including the renovation of fields at Grovely Sports Ground Park, Heath Park, Shaw Estate Park, and Teralba Park.

ASTC has also played a significant role in developing a standard specification for the Brisbane City Council Flood Recovery Sports Fields Renovation program. This detailed specification serves as a blueprint for current and future recovery efforts. Beyond creating specifications, ASTC monitors the works through a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure compliance and provide evidence to funding bodies.

As the recovery projects progress, ASTC remains committed to transforming each sports field into a resilient and sustainable community space. Through its dedication to excellence and collaborative approach, ASTC has become a crucial partner in Brisbane’s journey to rebuild and revitalize its sporting infrastructure post-floods. The company’s role highlights the power of partnerships and expertise in fostering resilience within communities during challenging times.